As a Queer artist, the conversations that ignited my imagination and made me howl with laughter were those with other Queer creatives. Everytime we connected, I felt like I was being understood on a much deeper level than ever before. 

So back in 2018, I thought why not record

some of this gay magic for others to hear?

And thus Queerious was born.

The episodes delve into all sorts of topics; our turbulent journeys toward self acceptance, our relationships with labels, our passions and our fears.

My mission is to co-create with others to bring a delicious blend of voices who spread authenticity and originality to our planet. After all, we are unique

individuals who can bring about

huge change collectively. 

Sometimes we just need a reminder. 

We are not alone. 

The Bridge Episodes

In our world right now, we seem more divided than ever.

I want the opportunity to hold space for conversations between myself and someone who isn't Queer. To encourage compassion between communities.

To build bridges instead of tearing them down. [launching soon]


Blog posts

Every Monday, thoughts are taken down to try and connect up the dots. Thoughts on life. Thoughts on food. You name it, it's probably typed up.

Join me every Friday, as I explore something that has cropped up for me during the week.  It's on the mic and a one take wonder.