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Queerious Podcast may not be an official institution but I have the hope it can become a foundation and resource for LGBTQIA+ people to feel connected, joyful, heard and supported.

I didn’t clock onto my own Queerness until I was 18 years old. Not only did I have very little access or awareness of the LGBTQ+ community in my immediate surroundings, but whenever I turned on the TV or picked up a book, I struggled to engage with the deepest truth of what it was to be me. That is until someone gave me a nudge towards the unfolding of my big ol’ Gay self. And being understood and held in that moment was beyond powerful.

Representation is a strand of freedom. Every person who has the opportunity to tell their story, lays down the foundation for another to add their truth alongside it. A spectrum of race, class, gender identity, sexuality and ability. And becoming more aware as a society of the importance of those who are often left out of this equation- most especially Black Artists,* Transgender Artists or Non-binary Artists and Disabled Artists, I am waking up to the importance of accountability and opportunity that this platform brings.

  • Queerious Podcast will record 12 main body interviews in a year.
    [The Audioqueer project is a separate entity working alongside Curious Arts]

  • Should the lock down situation ease off and face to face interviews be possible, I will either travel to the guest(s) myself, or pay full expenses for the guest(s) to make their way to an appropriate and accessible place to record. Otherwise a Zoom recording will be used.

  • The podcast will actively give a platform to more Black and Brown** Artists.

  • The podcast will actively give a platform to more Transgender, Gender Fluid, Gender Non-Conforming or Non-Binary Artists.

  • Each podcast guest will be paid a fee.

  • I will use captioning on all videos going onto my Instagram videos. I will also use Image Descriptions for each post.

  • I will actively use my Instagram platform weekly, to post a relevant piece of literature, event, article or project promoting and highlighting Black Queer creatives.

If you are looking to actively support this podcast, please consider committing a monthly donation for a Black Queer or Trans led charity. There are an array of brilliant causes out there to support, but some of my own favourites are:

Mermaids: https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/

Black Pride: https://www.ukblackpride.org.uk/

* As an example, ‘BAME people are "under represented off-screen" as they make up about 8% of those working in important genres such as drama and factual’ [Campaign Article]

**I am aware that terminology for many creatives varies on an individual basis and I understand that many people do not engage with the labels ‘People of Colour’ or ‘BAME’. In listening and understanding more about these labels from collegues within the industry, I decided to use the terms Black and Brown.  

The Bridge Episodes

In our world right now, we seem more divided than ever.

I want the opportunity to hold space for conversations between myself and someone who isn't Queer. To encourage compassion between communities.

To build bridges instead of tearing them down.


Blog posts

Every Monday, thoughts are taken down to try and connect up the dots. Thoughts on life. Thoughts on food. You name it, it's probably typed up.

Join me every Friday, as I explore something that has cropped up for me during the week.  It's on the mic and a one take wonder.