We all know what it's like to be starved of Queer content. Desperately flicking through the LGBT literature section to find a book that portrays us well. Or scrolling for hours online to watch a film that has three dimensional characters we care about (that don't die in the first ten minutes)...

The moments that consistently lifted my heart in my late teens/early twenties, were the profound conversations I shared meeting other Queer people. We'd discuss all sorts; our turbulent journeys to self acceptance, our relationship with labels, our passions and our fears. And for the first time, I felt like I was really being seen and heard on a deeper level.

So in 2018 I had the idea to set up Queerious Podcast; a platform for creatives to talk about what they love and what they wanted to bring into the world. There is such a need for strong rooted community on this planet. I figured we could start bringing more creativity, vulnerability and laughter into this world. After all, we are individuals who can bring about huge change. Sometimes we just need a reminder. We are not alone. 

I'm Jen Carss and I use she/her pronouns.